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The Turtle Outlet Cover
[Patent Pending]
  • Each of the 6 extremities are removable allowing you to customize the Turtle Outlet Cover for your exact needs

  • The large cavity is perfect for oversized plugs and can even be used on top of adapters

  • The turtle can be positioned either vertically or horizontally to easily adapt to your plug configuration

  • Only two feet are required for securing the turtle to the wall allowing for up to four ports to be used simultaneously

  • The turtle looks great on any wall and unlike other outlet covers it isn’t an eye sore

  • The low profile of the turtle even allows for furniture to be slid right up to the wall

  • This outlet cover secures directly to the wall without an access door so even the smartest of toddlers can’t open it

The Turtle Outlet Cover (Patent Pending) is the perfect outlet cover for baby proofing and pet proofing! This is the most effective solution for stylishly covering outlets, and protecting plugs from small children and pets. Secures directly to the wall so even the smartest of toddlers can’t get in it to unplug your stuff. Each of the 6 extremities are removable to allow wires to be ported in any direction. Also, it is large enough to be positioned over even the most cumbersome of plugs, and it can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. Only two feet are required for mounting, so multiple ports can be used simultaneously.


Please note, in the unlikely event there are any issues or factory defects with your Turtle Outlet Cover, I will gladly make it right, just send an email with a description of the issue to

***     $2 goes to for every Turtle Cover sold    ***

The Elegant Outlet Cover for Baby Proofing!
Protects Kids and Pets From Electrical Outlets and Looks Good While Doing It!
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